Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Birthday Post

Eight years. Everyone always says that the time goes fast and boy they are right.

My first born is such a sweet boy. He is so caring and warm and fun. I hope he keeps those qualities as he makes his way into teen-hood.

My original idea for his birthday shoot was him and his guitar. We had been so busy that we hadn't gotten around to getting the kid a hair cut so I left his cute little curls long for these.

8th Birthday - Take 1

He wants lessons on how to play. He loves all things music.

8th Birthday - Take 1

8th Birthday - Take 1

8th Birthday - Take 1

8th Birthday - Take 1

The obligatory 'rocker' pose.

The very next day we return home from the weekend of camping and he asks to finally get a hair cut. So I take him over to the barber and we wait 20 min before his name is called. Meanwhile he is focused on another customer getting his hair cut. He whispered to me, "Look mom, he has a mo-hawk". I could tell he was very excited and giggly at the thought. I asked him if he was interested in getting his hair cut in the same way. I think he was surprised that I was even considering it and then even more surprised when I let him go through with it.


I have to admit, I was a little gun shy at first but its super cute on him. :)

8th Birthday - Take 2

Can I just say that its super hard to get a good shot of a mo-hawk!

8th Birthday - Take 2

And here is the back

8th Birthday - Take 2

8th Birthday - Take 2

I want to wish him another wonderful year full of learning, friends, fun and family. Happy Happy Birthday to my not-so-little Man!

And just for prosperity, a cutie baby picture.


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