Sunday, February 28, 2010

Purim Carnival Fun

Purim is the most fun Jewish Holiday. The kids get to dress up as King and Queens to take part in the story of Purim.

Purim - King and his Queens

Then we go to a carnival with our Temple chocked full of games and fun. Mr Z is deciding what to play next.

Sad King

Then Face Painting.

Face Paint

Then crafts and mask making.


Then jousting. Mr Z takes his turn against an older girl. He did quite well. :)


Monday, February 22, 2010

A Bloggity Face Lift & A Typical Monday Eve

Its been on my 'to do' list for many months to give this little blog a make-over. I finally got the nerve to wipe out all my former work and start over. I am quite happy with how its shaping up. But I still may make a few changes as I settle in. I would love to hear your thoughts on my new layout.

But no post would be complete without some photos. Here is a typical monday night for us.

It starts with a rushed commute home, shuffling the kids in the door to eat a quick dinner and a rush out the door again for my son to Karate. That left me all alone with the girls as my victims subjects.

I love this little Children's Place 'retro' outfit.


And of course a silly one.

Miss E calls these their twin outfits. I love it when they cooperate.

IMG_1720 copyWM

Bath time for the girlies.

IMG_1727 copyWM

IMG_1732 copyWM

And...of course a silly one.

IMG_1731 copyWM

Finally the girls are off to bed just in time for Mr. Karate Kid to get back and show off his new big boy tooth. He lost another baby tooth and was proud to show me.

IMG_1737 copy

IMG_1743 copy

New Tooth

And now my handsome young man is off in dreamland awaiting the visit of the Tooth Fairy. I love that he still believes and he super excited to check under his pillow in the morning.

Goodnight Monday.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cub Scout Banquet

This week was the banquet for the cub scouts to earn their new badges. My son has been working real hard to memorize his pledge since this is the first year he is participating. The men also baked a Father and Son cake for an auction which they had a good time creating.

Here are some highlights of the event.


Looking very nice in his uniform.


My daughter waiting for the buffet to open.


More waiting (we got there a little early).


Finally two new badges. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Valentine Message

A Valentine message from Miss E. Totally her idea all she asked me to do was write out the message on a paper. She drew the bubble letters, cut them out and pasted them. Then she wants me to take it to her school to tape to the door so that when people come in they will think of Valentine's day and be happy.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Grandma and SNOMG!

My girls love to play dress up. These necklaces belonged to my Grandma. They are nothing special, just some cosmetic jewelry that she loved, but when my kids wear them, they remind me of her.

IMG_1534 copyWM

IMG_1536 copy

IMG_1535 copy

This has been quite the winter. We have gotten more snow in the last two months than we usually see in 3-4 winters combined. This latest storm has seriously shut everything down for days. We finally were able to get the truck out to do a little shopping just in time for the second blizzard of Feb.





Tomorrow...more digging and snow blowing. When is spring again??

Friday, February 5, 2010


I am officially bring this blog back from the dead. I have been gone from it way too long working on other ventures and I am now ready to continue the drama that is My Life.

I am choosing to start off with a post about my son. He is in 2nd grade and this is his first year in Cub Scouts:

Scout - 268/365 - Sept 25

Cub scouts has been quite an adventure in how to handle lots of little boys. Wow, do they have such energy. Getting them to listen, sit still and do group activities is near impossible. This up coming weekend was scheduled to be the Pinewood Derby Race. Little did we know that we are planning to get socked with close to 2' of snow which is scheduled to start any minute. However, my son and my hubby set out last weekend to start building his car.

First cutting and sanding:

4/52 - #1

The dangerous parts were obviously done by the Hubbs but my son had fun sanding his car.

Next was the paint. Mr. Z had the notion that he wanted red for his car. He thought that was a nice fast color. So off to Home Depot we went to buy some spray paint (in another snow storm, I might add):

4/52 - #2

Then we waited for the paint to dry for a couple of days. In the mean time we found a cute little 'driver' for the car and some numbers. Mr. Z decided on the number '81' for his car. Why? I am not sure. He thought it was a nice number to put on the car. I have no idea the significance.

Wed night the boys set out to put the finishing touches on. The wheels, driver and numbers were all placed on. I have to say it looks mighty cute.

IMG_1432 copy

IMG_1435 copy

IMG_1439 copy

Now the race has been moved out one week but its nice to know we are ready anyway. I am keeping my fingers crossed that our little car does well. But even if it doesn't we have a nice little project to display in my house.

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