Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Winners

Soo Strong
Soooo strong

Ms Fix-It
Ms Fix-It

Week 10/52
Me and V at bedtime

Looking so grown-up :(


Outside playing

Getting Close to walking...
Getting close, she loves to practice on that gate

V outside
Hmmmm, should I swing or sleep??

Wheee...mommy's swinging

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Theme Thursday - Collage

I totally love the theme this as week as I love to do collages. I took advantage of this challenge to design a collage for my digital scrapbook so I used a 12x12 size so it would fit into my book when I print it. This weekend we had the opportunity to play outside on the swing set at my parent's house and take advantage of the warm sun for about 1/2 hour. Of course I grabbed my camera. While I am still learning how to shoot in full sun, I managed to get a few worthy of the scrapbook. So here is a collage of my kids playing outside over the weekend.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WW - Indoor Waterfall

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Winners

So I have only a few shots to share this week as I was out of town for part of it. This coming week will be no different. Anyway, here's what I got this week.

Z Kick
At the gym having fun at a Karate party.

Week 9/52 Color
Kids and Mommy

IMG_9172 copy-1
Another birthday party at the gym.

IMG_9180 copy-1
BC Alert!

Milk face.

IMG_9213 copy-1
Belly button!

IMG_9120 bw.jpg
Karate or gymnastics, he cannot decide what he wants to take.

IMG_9217 copy-1

Brown eyed girl.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Haiku Friday - Too Many Things

Haiku Friday

My Brain Overloads
too many things going on
I can't keep them straight

a midterm due soon
in between work trips right now
and final project

have to be a mom
in between all of these things
don't want to ignore

need to fit in time
to play with my new software
will wait till later

maybe do too much
want to finish with school though
calmer days ahead

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Theme Thursday - Self

This week's theme is particularly hard for me, for two reasons. 1. There is a reason I like to be behind the camera, there are few pics of me that I love. And 2. cause I have a tough time getting the focus right. So I set out in my brightest sun room to capture a good shot of me. I used my tripod and a prop to get the focus right and snapped a few. Again, I am not thrilled with the results in the way I look and the focus, but the lighting was half way decent. Here are two of my best from that session:


Me again.jpg

(I really need to get back on that diet of mine!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WW - My Big Girl

Big Girl

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly Winners

IMG_8764 copy

IMG_8762 copy

Week 8/52 - New Carrier

Pirate Z

McDonald's toy fun.

Princess and Pirate

Soooo big....

Soooooo big!

E outside

E Talks...alot

"And the swings are all wet and we cannot play on them and we will get our clothes wet and our shoes and our dress....."

E Close

V Earrings

A scrapbook page I put together for Miss V's milestone of getting earrings.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Haiku Friday - Momma's an Ass

Haiku Friday

Poor Little Miss V
the subject of photo
didn't mean to hurt

I put her on stair
to take a quick portrait shot
and snap the camera

just then she falls down
and bounces off the first step
to the hard wood floor

poor girlie hits head
happened fast I couldn't catch
she started to cry

her nose was bleeding
but stopped after a minute
in my arms she stayed

all forgotten now
by her but not by momma
won't do that again!

And here was the picture that I snapped right before she tumbled. It wasn't even that good of a shot. I still feel terrible that I let this happen and that I should know better! Luckily she was only on the second step up. I'm not THAT stupid, well maybe I am. :(

IMG_8798 copy

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Theme Thursday - Change

Because it has been a crazy busy week for me, just getting back from vacation and having two really busy days at work, this week's theme will not be all that creative. So for this week, I decided for a CHANGE to take pictures of things other than my three beautiful kids. These may not be all that exciting, interesting or good but these were my subjects last night.

Subject #1 - Doggie:
IMG_8741 copy

Subject #2 - Wall of Webkinz:
IMG_8720 copy

Subject #3 - Reflection of my bathroom lights in the marble floor:
IMG_8732 copy

Subject #4 - Bar Glasses on the Cafe Table
IMG_8737 copy

Subject #5 - Mmmm Coffee

What Change pictures do you have to share today?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WW - Camera Phone

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Technical difficulties??

I am having trouble posting comments on all blogs that use Word Press as a host. I cannot figure out why but they just don't show up. I have tried three different browsers and still nothing. Of course I am only currently using my one laptop because I haven't had a chance to try it on a different one, but I was wondering if anyone else out there was having this same problem? Maybe its the way my computer is configured?? In any case, I wanted to leave a message to all of my Word Press blogger friends who I tried to post a comment to from the past few days. Just know that I was not ignoring you but I was unable to comment. This includes Stacy, Kim, and Sarcastic Mom as well as many others whom I have visited but couldn't post. I hope to get this fixed soon cause its really annoying! If anyone has any clue as to why I am having this issue, please leave me a note. Thanks.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekly Winners

Here are some of my favorites from this week, most of which are from our long Vacation Weekend!

Storm Clouds coming in

Z Outside Again
Mr. Z smiles for me

Playing with the view of the hotel at night. Could be less blurry.

The Strip.

Day time shot of hotel.

View of the inside of the hotel from our room.

Mmmmm, chocolate.

Was crazy windy over the weekend.

Cool waterfall.

Ceiling painting.

Glass fountain.


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