Monday, February 22, 2010

A Bloggity Face Lift & A Typical Monday Eve

Its been on my 'to do' list for many months to give this little blog a make-over. I finally got the nerve to wipe out all my former work and start over. I am quite happy with how its shaping up. But I still may make a few changes as I settle in. I would love to hear your thoughts on my new layout.

But no post would be complete without some photos. Here is a typical monday night for us.

It starts with a rushed commute home, shuffling the kids in the door to eat a quick dinner and a rush out the door again for my son to Karate. That left me all alone with the girls as my victims subjects.

I love this little Children's Place 'retro' outfit.


And of course a silly one.

Miss E calls these their twin outfits. I love it when they cooperate.

IMG_1720 copyWM

Bath time for the girlies.

IMG_1727 copyWM

IMG_1732 copyWM

And...of course a silly one.

IMG_1731 copyWM

Finally the girls are off to bed just in time for Mr. Karate Kid to get back and show off his new big boy tooth. He lost another baby tooth and was proud to show me.

IMG_1737 copy

IMG_1743 copy

New Tooth

And now my handsome young man is off in dreamland awaiting the visit of the Tooth Fairy. I love that he still believes and he super excited to check under his pillow in the morning.

Goodnight Monday.


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