Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy 1/2 year Bday to Miss V!

My baby is 6 months old already. Wow, that was fast. We took her in to the pedi yesterday for her checkup. We were somewhat worried that they would make us come back to complete the rest of the exam since she has been sick with a cold for a few days. But we take her in, get her measurements - 14 lbs 12 oz, 25 3/4" which I think equates to 25% and 50% (but mommy brain kicked in and forgot to ask). We filled in the developmental questions - she is sitting on her own for more than 20 seconds...check. She is picking up small objects...check. She is babbling many new sounds...check. She is crawling...check (wait I don't remember that being on the paper). So basically, she is doing real well in the overall developmental department. Then we get to meet with a new Dr who, we realize after the appointment was all over, we like her the most out of any of the Dr's in this practice, which we have contemplated leaving multiple times. Anyway, first thing first, a listen to the chest. She gets a concerned look on her face when she listens to my baby wheeze and cough some due to above mentioned cold. We move on to other things, like her eczema on her face and what treatments we've been using, which happen to be an Rx cream another Dr in this practice recommended. Of course this Dr debunked it and gave us something new. She also told us to watch for flare-ups around her mouth when she is getting a cold, which was new info. So then we get back to the sick baby. The Dr said she didn't want to use the word pneumonia cause she would scare us, but that was her diagnosis. Great, 10 day round of antibiotics which Miss V totally hates. Like strapping her down, squeezing the dropper in her mouth, blow in her face, hates. Oh Joy. But while that diagnosis doesn't scare me, per se, it does make me wonder two things. 1. Does the Dr think I was ignoring her cold symptoms for weeks before I brought her in here, cause that clearly wasn't the case. But more importantly, 2. are we headed down a very familiar path here? I recall a time with my son who was 6 months old at the time, caught his first cold and we noticed was struggling to take breaths. Granted it wasn't the dreaded 'pn' word but it was 'reactive airway disease' better known as asthma, except to label him asthmatic at such a young age will prevent him from getting good life insurance later on, so asthma remains on the back-burner. But after that first diagnosis of 'RAD' we spent the next 3 years fighting with Dr's to get him better treatments: from nebulizers, to inhalers with spacers to three different pulmonologists to finally convincing someone that the real crux of the problem was large Tonsils and Adenoids which we finally removed and Mr Z became a different kid. Granted he still gets colds and on occasion need some breathing meds to help him heal faster (at least I think they are working - maybe he doesn't need them at all anymore) but the T&A was so worth it for him. Now back to Miss V, yes we have tons of experience in the arena of 'RAD' and her breathing wasn't labored so I chalked it up to the common cold (and proceeded to not give her any of those over the counter cold remedies that they ripped off the shelves last month). So I didn't expect pneumonia. Scared...not right now. She will take her meds and be fine in a few days. But, am I now worried I have a long 3 year road ahead of me?....damn skippy!
Happy 6 month Bday, Miss V!


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