Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh where oh where has my memory gone...

Oh where oh where could it be? I swear old age is setting in sooner that I'd hoped. Its pretty scary how much stuff I seem to forget over the course of a day, not to mention a week. I used to be so on top of my game. I never forgot anything. I was able to focus on conversations and recall them hours/days/years later. However, not so much now. I realize I am getting older and have lots on my plate with work, kids, school (when the stupid college offers classes each semester that I still need to take - separate rant), home, but when will it start to get better and I will feel in control again? When I get more sleep? When my kids get older? Never?? Take yesterday for example. We knew we had to go to Z's Hebrew school class for parent's day. We lined up babysitters (grandma) to watch the girls so we can devote 2 hours just to Z. We get there on time and proceed to take our seats in the back of the room and observe. Other kids/parents started bringing in non-perishable foods to donate for Thanksgiving to the local nursing homes in the area. The light bulb goes off....Hubby and I look at each other and whisper "SHIT" and "Whoops" and "oh well". Man how bad do we look now sitting in the classroom with nothing to offer. I search back through the spiderweb covered memory banks and vaguely recall seeing some sort of note...wait email...wait was it a discussion, about bringing in food this week. Crap I cannot remember where I read or heard that, man it was a whole week ago for goodness sake! But this isn't new. I forget Z's snack at school at least once a week. I forget to send back his library books or poems to school (among all of the other mounds of paperwork I need to sign and retain that gets sent home every day). I forget to send in food for E's party at her day care for Thanksgiving, even though we signed up for rice crispy treats, bought them and then proceed to leave them in our pantry cause we didn't remember which day the party was. We forgot to go to parent's day at the Elem school or know which day is Pizza and PJs day at the day care. We haven't remembered to give V her acid reflux meds in- I don't know how long, luckily she seems as though she is growing out of needing them. Not to mention all the personal stuff I want to remember, bring lunch to work, bring pictures for my desk, why did I walk into the basement, did I reply to my friend's email, walking out of the store with nothing from my list cause I left it at home and why I am standing in the family room surrounded by talking kids wondering what they are asking me to do. And don't even get me started or remembering all the goings on at work (like where we ate the last time we traveled or who works for whom or what pieces of equipment are called). Does it get better or worse from here? Should I start taking those memory enhancing supplements? Go see a Dr and get evaluated for Alzheimer's? I don't want to remember everything, all the time, but it would be nice to get through my day and not wonder what I forgot to do. Maybe it all comes down to more sleep - the answer to everything, more.sleep.


WorksForMom November 19, 2007 at 9:59 PM  

Oh I'm feeling your pain. I'm pretty sure it's called Mommy Brain.

I think sleep could be a big part of it (at least that's part of my excuse). But between working and Mommy and staying on top of it all, it's no wonder why you are exhausted HG.

I swear I have Alzheimers too. Here's hoping for a relaxing, restful week.

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