Monday, September 3, 2007

Drinking the iKool-Aid

We took the big iPlunge and replaced our dying old desktop that was on its last leg with this beautiful 24" iMac. Actually my hubby surprised me with it for our anniversary. iWoohoo! So far this thing rocks and the iMonitor is amazing. We have tons to learn about a Mac (the last time I used one was when I was in college which was during the stone ages) so I feel very awkard using it. But it has been fun getting to know it. Luckily we could leverage my student discounts which offered a free iPod with the new beautiful piece of iMachinery. Double iWoohoo! Now I have never had an iPod or even really used one but I can tell you that having both the iComputer and iPod is really double the fun. I am hoping that this new iMultimedia platform will help me enhance my new iPhotography hobby as well as film editing with the iSmoking set up. Of course it would be nice if it also makes me a better photographer but I guess that's a stretch. So all you Mac users out there, tell me what you love about your iComputers! (I think now that I own a Mac I will talk like this all the time now!)

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