Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The up and down the staircase night-night game

I don't know what I am going to do with E at night time these days. Once she is asleep she is a great sleeper. Well, sometimes too good cause she is like a teenager in the morning when we go wake her up, but getting her to sleep is becoming a bear. She has been sleeping in her own twin bed since we found out #3 was on the way and she loves her new room and her bed but she is learning how to play us me. The game goes like this:

Me - "Good night E. Say, Good night"
E - "Good Night"
Me - "Say, Bye" (cause if she doesn't say bye she will call me back in to her room to say bye)
E - "Bye"
Me - "Say, See you tomorrow"
E - "See you tomorrow"
Me - "Say, I am not coming back up here, go to sleep"
E - "You are not coming back up here"

I proceed to close the door and go downstairs.

5 min passes

E- "Mommy...mommy...mooooooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyy"
Me - (I am a sucker and despite what I said to her earlier, I cannot ignore her first request) "What E, you should be sleeping"

Then one of the following usually erupts from her tiny mouth/brain:
E - "Its too dark"
"Its too light"
"Turn on the colored lights (night light)"
"The house is breaking" (??)
"I need more water"
"I am scared of myself" (???)
"My house is broken"
"I'm gonna scare myself"
"You didn't say bye/good night/see you tomorrow" (which clearly I already did)
"You need to get your PJs on"
"I need more water"
"I need my duck/baby doll/water" (and anything else she wants to sleep with this week - usually they are right under her covers or pillow)

So after dealing with this first request, I tell her to go to sleep and I am not coming back up there.

5 min later:

E - "Moooommmmmyyyyy"

When I don't answer:

E - "I want Daaaaadddddyyyyy"

Sometimes I go up and hear her repeat one of the above epiphanies, after which I tuck her in again. Lately though I try to limit my up and down game to one move. I hate hearing her call my name especially if she is really truly scared of something. I want her to know I am there for her, but to tell me to put on my PJs, its clearly a game of 2 year old stand-off and I am loosing cause its getting worse. I have no idea where the house breaking concept is coming from but she clearly is taking advantage of my mommy-guilt factor and stalling her bedtime.

I have to admit its.getting.old.


Mom not Mum September 5, 2007 at 6:57 AM  

LOL I just had to wipe the coke I spit on the monitor off - I'm scared of myself - that is too cute.

Ds #1 used to come out with one ailment or another "my finger hurts" "my leg hurts" "my tummy" hurts" all up until the point mommy says "get back in bed or your butt will hurt" That usually ended it. It was just so funny because you knew he was in bed trying to come up with a body part he hadn't yet used as an excuse.

WhatWorksForMom September 5, 2007 at 9:27 PM  

I'm so not looking forward to that game. I'm just waiting for our little guy to sleep through the night . . . Always something!

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