Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Two More School Annoyances

I am sure as a mom of a child only in K, there will be tons more of these little annoyances and maybe by the time V is 5 I will have chilled out. But until then, these little issues will continue to annoy.

1. They sent home a permission slip for the first field trip. Its to a local farm that is doing a presentation and tour about Native Americans. I am all for it, sounds like a good time. Until I read the part that it costs $11.00. Does that seem high to anyone? $11.00 for a bus ride that I calculated the miles on - 5.8 - and admission to this farm that costs $7.00 (or $7.50 if they included the corn maze which wasn't mentioned). You know, I hate to be one of THOSE parents who think everything is too expensive and refuse to send my child, but c'mon. It seems as though all I am doing is sending money to that school for fund-raisers, a headset for media use (which is OK cause I am not fond of sharing between kids), lunches, snacks, PTA fees....its endless. Now another $11.00? I realize that this is a Public school (yes, yes I send my child to the public schools because we specifically live in this high-rent county because of the good schools) and I pay tons of taxes (which I am not naive enough to think that our taxes alone are enough to keep the school system afloat) but really - we bought everything for this child in the way of school supplies and yes he does bring home some materials that we didn't buy for him each and every day (this school spends way too much money on printed crap material) its just the principal. The bottom line is, I will pay the $11.00 cause I think Z will have fun but I just wanted to vent about how much money I have sunk into this school in the short 2 months he has already been there! I am sure its just the tip of the iceberg.

#2. In Z's K class, I am allowed to send a snack for afternoon time that they get to eat in their class. This snack must be nut free and not messy. OK, so for a child who is as picky as him, I have troubles coming up with good ideas. Yesterday I sent Doritos (I know, not a very healthy choice but again, this child will NOT eat fruit). The bag was untouched. I needed to find out from my 5 year old that Doritos is too messy. There will be crumbs therefore he was not allowed to eat them. WTH? Doritos, really? Why can't the teacher send something home for me spelling out what is considered good and what is too messy for her? I shouldn't have to find out from my kid. Today, its Cheese Its. Well see if those are too crumby for her.


Anonymous October 23, 2007 at 9:05 AM  

I have a similar problem with my daughter's school. Every couple of months there are lunch and library charges which the school insists is my daughter. Yet she takes her lunch and checks her books out at the public library. I have talked to other parents and they are having the same problem. I have done the math and it must be thousands of dollars a month in "charges" revenue.

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WorksForMom October 23, 2007 at 9:17 AM  

Oh no, that post title pretty much sums it up. Oh man!

Believer in Balance October 23, 2007 at 7:10 PM  

As the mother of a nine year old and seven year old (and 9 month old!)I can guarantee it will get worse! :) I totally agree with you though. It is annoying! I particularly don't like the endless fund raisers and the ever so specific list of school supplies we have to provide not only for our kids, but for the classroom as well. Where is our tax money going? Salaries only?

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