Wednesday, August 22, 2007

America's Got Talent - Results

I like reality TV/game shows/talent contests as much as the next gal. Well maybe not as much since I don't watch BB or Survivor anymore. However, I did watch last years AGT and thought it was a half way decent show. So I decided to go ahead and Season Pass this year's so I have something to watch during the day while home on maternity leave (cause you know how much day time TV rots). Anyway, I started to really enjoy this season much more than last season, once certain people got voted off like Guy Shakira (WTF were the judges thinking putting that one through). So, this brings me to my point, the final show. The last four contestants were all quite good. I loved Butterscotch and thought she was so talented and Julienne was great too, in her not quite grown up voice. However, the last two acts, Cas Haley and Terry Fator are both in their own right awesome. Terry Fator has so much talent its hard to measure and him winning the contest was well deserved. However, Cas is also absolutely wonderful and I loved watching him sing week after week. I felt so terrible for him last night as he wandered off the stage after they announced Terry as the winner with a sad lost puppy-dog look in his eyes. Like I said Terry deserved to win as did Cas. Its just a shame that there cannot be two winners, but then that wouldn't be a contest for the best one act in America, now would it. I just hope for Cas's sake that there were tons of record producers waiting in the wings of that stage ready to sign him a deal right then and there. Because if he made an album, I know I would buy it.

So here's to you Cas, the runner up in AGT, you didn't win but I know we haven't seen the last of you yet.

And here's a video of Cas singing "Walking on the Moon" from his very first audition.


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