Friday, August 17, 2007

Fit Friday

OK so I am attempting to start a new trend to track my weight loss progress. I have much weight to loose since having Miss V (well I still had extra pounds on me from before I got pregnant) and hopefully keeping track each Friday will keep me focused on my target. So here goes:

Current Weight = 139
Goal Weight = 119
Pounds to go = 20
Exercise this past week = none (I was traveling back from vacation and this was my first week back to work - excuses, excuses)
Diet = Low Carb - did well on my diet (when I started back up on Monday) I didn't cheat at all, but I did have too many low carb goodies in the evenings

Goal for next week - add back in my exercise program. I was working on a walk/jog program three times a week before my vacation.


Just Janice August 22, 2007 at 11:26 PM  

Wow! You're current weight and goal weights are EXACTLY the same as mine! I was 124 when I got prego with Brooke but was trying to lose that last 5 lbs from having Sierra. I am also going to try and lose it with a walk/run program with the goal of doing a 10k in the Spring. I can't believe that 3 yrs ago I was running marathons, and today I was out of breath walking to the park :(

J August 23, 2007 at 1:00 PM  

I know the feeling. I was very fit before I had my first daughter. I was never running marathons though. Good for you! Lets hope we are both losers!!

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