Saturday, August 18, 2007

What Scares Me the Most

So of course on the top of my list of fears is the possibility of anything happening to my husband or my kids, SIDS and natural disasters, as is probably the case with most moms. However, one if my fears as of late are these fuckers, bed bugs. Since I was recently in another country and I have been hearing about stories of big city hotels starting to see these re-appearing in their beds, got me way freaked out. So much so that one night I barely slept because I just knew they were just crawling all over me cause I was itching so much. Of course the next day I inspected the mattresses with a fine tooth comb only to discover what kept me up all night was my wild imagination. I travel often for work and stay in lots of different hotels. I just know I am going to loose lots of sleep over these awful creatures, even though I know they are harmless. I also fear that I may unknowingly bring them back home with me at which time I would have to burn my house down (well maybe just the mattress).

I say we start a campaign to eradicate the bed bugs for good so that we call can get good night sleep.


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