Thursday, August 16, 2007

England Baby!

L was asked to go to England for a meeting. I told him that I wanted to go with him, half joking cause I was home on leave with Miss V. But he convinced me that the kids would be very well taken care of with his mom and dad for the week and we should jet off. We toyed with getting V her passport but there was little time. We were also scared about dragging her around the airports and hotels and thought she would be better suited at home. So, being the guilt-free, selfish parents that we are, we left them to travel to England. We had a ball, saw lots of towns, nearly got ourselves killed while driving on the wrong left side of the road, stayed in a B&B, took the Underground and had fun on a double decker bus in London. Since we were not planning a vacation this year due to new baby blues this was a great way to get away for a while, just us, before I came back to work. Plus our anniversary is in Sept so this was an early celebration. Here are some pics:

The beautiful city of Bath

Warwick Castle

London Baby! Big Ben....Parliamant.


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