Thursday, August 16, 2007

Resident Hummingbird

I had the bright idea to put up a hummingbird feeder after one got trapped in our garage (great idea, attract more to my house to get stuck). Anyway, my FIL had a feeder and food that he gladly gave up cause he had no luck with them. He was skeptical that we would be luckier at my house though. So, I cleaned out the very gross feeder and filled it up with new juice and hung it outside our window to wait..and wait...and wait. About two weeks later I was glancing out the window and saw a flutter of a hummingbird. I ran to get the camera and of course he was gone by the time I got back. So as the weeks go on, I see more little flutters, run for camera and miss. So, I finally got smart (took me long enough) and left the camera next to the window. Finally I catch one! Take a few shots through the window and chalk one up to me. Well over the next three weeks or so we see a hummingbird out at the feeder about once an hour. I take a few pics here and there and feel happy that I caught more.

Well the last two days we seem to have a regular. This hummingbird will sit at the feeder for hours waiting for other hummingbirds to come along just to then scare them away. He seems to have put a stake on the Nelson Hummingbird House. Of course I grab the camera but there is little sport is shooting a stationary hummingbird. But then again, maybe he knows how crappy a photographer I am and he is really sitting still for my benefit.

Here are two more hummingbird shots I snapped.


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